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Septic Dye Testing is a non-invasive procedure that is used to determine the condition of the components of a home's waste system. 


A visual septic dye test is combined with flushing the waste system. This test involves the running of 150 to 200 gallon of water through the system within 60 minutes, to see if there is any slow-draining fixtures, backups, or surface breakouts.


It also involves flushing colored dye into the waste lines looking for leaks and to ascertain that the septic system can handle the volume of waste that is currently being put through the system. This type of test is acceptable to FHA, VA and USDA loan companies. 


A septic dye test can expose obvious leaks and inadequacies in the system and indicate the need for repairs or alterations.

This test is performed by our trained technicians . The septic dye test is sometimes REQUIRED as part of a Septic Certification by a lending institution before financing can be obtained from them for a home purchase. 


It is recommend the septic tank be pumped prior to closing and every 3 years following to help maintain a functional system. 

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